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French Wood Tile from Fujian, You Deserve It!


The relationship between space and form is the essence of building art and science.


Fujian Wood Tile is the tile that is fired under 1200 degree centigrade. Its physical and chemical properties is so stable that it do not mildew or crack due to the weather. When the weather is getting wet, it is easy for solid wood floor to mildew. It is easy for porcelain tile to clean. Meanwhile solid wood floor need upkeep regularly, especially clean the stain at once or it will keep the stain forever.


Porcelain Wood Tile can last about several ten years. While the lifetime of the wood floor is short and must upkeep regularly. Using porcelain wood tile can save a large amount of renovation costs.


Wood Tile is porcelain tile and it owns good fire resistance, while when the solid wood floor meet fire, it will burn.


French Wood Tile from Fujian owns various grain, fashion design. With different paving effect, it create different atmosphere. So it was applying in family and high end hotel widely.