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Wood Grain Tile Give You a Stylish Home


Home is vital for Chinese, and China is the country that put the family in a crucial place. Man is always on the way home for the whole life. Therefore it is importance to build a warm home. The color may affect the mood, so there is a knowledge for the color of the floor tile matching the style of the furniture. Foshan Wood Grain Tile Manufacturer told you how to decorate your unique home.


Chinese traditional furniture contains decency and elegance. Black and marron is popular color in Chinese style furniture, and when combine with Wood Grain Tile, it shows the sky-high cultural atmosphere.


European style furniture is known for succinct, and it match the wood grain tile well such as oak, maple, pine, walnut. When it comes to the color, dark color Wood Grain Tile is better to show the luxury.


Country style reflects the human advocate the nature of natural.  Elegant oak wood grain tile with large floral designs expresses the country style well. On the choice of the color, light color is the first choice. The light color wood grain tile with old trances is suitable for country style room.


Southeast Asia style pay attention to colorful color, semi matt wood grain tile is a good choice. Meanwhile choose the parquet or double color wood grain tile to match it.


No matter choose which style, it owns its unique. Elegant, concise, natural, colorful, or romantic style, choose one of them, create your own home and bring the joy to your life. Foshan Yushan Ceramic Wood Grain Tile gives you a stylish home. let’s enjoy your sweet family life.