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The leader of the high-end domain Microcrystalline stone tile


Now, see things in a blur of decoration materials on the market, the competition between high school low-end products is becoming increasingly fierce, in Foshan ceramic tile industry in front of, microcrystalline stone tile seems to always and attitude good high-end temperament to show to the people, seems to be increasingly fierce tile products be misfits.

Microcrystalline stone tiles, as a representative of modern luxury decoration, with its unique charm to occupy the entire Chinese decoration market, then the microcrystalline stone what charm? First of all that we try to understand the microcrystalline stone.

Microcrystalline stone, in the industry also called microcrystalline glass plate is consistent with 3-5mm, a layer of glass ceramics after high temperature firing, in accordance with  the surface of the tile, after two times after sintering of high-tech products fully com. Glass ceramic composite plate with thickness of 13 18mm is greater than 95, gloss. The microcrystalline stone tile production is difficult, so in Foshan, only part of the ceramic tile manufacturers can produce, microcrystalline stone is expensive, in addition to the production difficulty, its color is also very unique, very strong sense of three-dimensional, let a person have a body the feeling, because of its gloss is very high, so the shop in the living room the magnificent, is feeling, microcrystalline stone series production of Foshan Yushan ceramics, glass crystal thickness reaches 5mm, the picture clear stereo sense is very strong, in the same industry leading level, is the preferred brand of high-grade decoration.

Future Foshan microlite tile will be more perfect technology, with a more robust pace leading high-end tile market, will give the Foshan ceramic tile industry more brilliant tomorrow!